Rocketman Worldwide

  • Rocketman™ Performances

    • Tournament of Roses Parade
    • Carnival - Rio de Janeiro
    • X-Prize
    • 1984 Olympic Memorial Flight
    • MTV - VMA Press Conference
      - P. Diddy Appearance
    • Royal Melbourne Show -Australia
    • LucasFilm & Lucas Arts
      - Boba Fett Flight, 30th Anniversary
      - Captain Rex, Cologne Germany
    • XBox, Halo Costume Flight
    • Sony, 3D Project

    United States

    • Santa Flights, Multiple
    • Snowball Express, Multiple 
    • TCU Stadium Dedication 
    • Texas Motor Speedway
    • Thompson Speedway 
    • Kansas Speedway 
    • Oklahoma State University, Multiple
    • Oklahoma City Parade
    • Las Vegas, Multiple
    • Dallas Cup
    • City of Celina Balloon Festival
    • DARE Rodeo
    • Neiman Marcus



    Switzerland, Dittinger Flugtage

    African Cup, Angola

    Istanbul, Turkey, Bar Mitzvah Flight

    Turkmenistan, National Day

    New Zealand, V Energy Drink

    Russia, Multiple Flights

    The Netherlands, Feyenoord Dag

    Mexico, Multiple Flights

    Japan, Multiple Flights

    - DTM, German Touring Car Masters
    - Multiple Flights

    Hong Kong, Ocean Park Opening

    England, Multiple Flights


    Dubai, Dignitary performances

    - Amazon Outreach, Amazon
    - Multiple Flights

    Canada, Bikers Reunion

    Austria, L'Oreal

    Finland, Midnight Show

    - Royal Melbourne Show
    - Carrollton Natural Blond


    • NCIS
    • Ellen DeGeneres Show, Twice
    • Good Day America
    • Penn and Teller
    • Guinness World Records Unleashed
    • Fact or Fiction
    • SCI-Q, Discovery Channel
    • TV Made Me Do It


Dan Schlund Event MedicThe Last Rocketman ®

Dan was the last man to be christened The "Rocketman" ® This prestigious title was only given to a handful of successful hopefuls; those who survived the highly dangerous training to become professional Rocketbelt pilots. In fact, more people have walked on the moon than flew a Rocketbelt.

Dan's 15 year Rocketman® career didn't come easy. It took years of dedication and commitment; training and perseverance after a life threatening crash that left him literally scared for life.

A year after the near-death encounter, Dan hopped back on the horse (900 horse power to be exact). Dan eventually master the craft and began living his dream, entertaining millions of people in 25+ countries on 6 continents.

Besides entertained audiences world-wide Dan is also a paramedic, professional stuntman, licensed pyrotechnician and motivational speaker.

During his travels, Dan has experienced spills and thrills, near-death crashes and heart-felt moments. Dan retired from flying in 2013 but continues to share his experiences though stories and video through his speaking career.

In speaking engagements, Dan shares the fun similarities between the various industries; funny jet pack stories with celebrities and stories of perseverance and survival after another serious life threatening, broken neck and PTSD.