10 ways to use a Jet Pack in your live event

1. Media Attention

A Jet Pack performance attracts all kinds of free media opportunities. Ask about our discounted Media Flights.

Don't Stop at just the flight, use Dan's skills as a presenter to be your official spokesperson

2. Special Delivery

Dan can carry and deliver small items such as Game balls, awards, trophy's, flags and POV camera's


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  1. Attract more Media Attention - Don't stop at the flight, Use Dan as your spokesperson
  2. Special Delivery: Fly in that game ball, award, trophy, flag
  3. Double your CEO, Celebrity or VIP. Nothing makes an entrance better than a jet pack
  4. Kick off your event. The same effect as a military fly over but longer, closer and louder!
  5. The Finalie to your event. We complete your event with an entrance
  6. Present the flag. Dan swoops in, lands and unfules the American flag or your own flag
  7. Bring in the holidays with Santa's personal rocket seigh.

Speaking engagements can be done with or without the jet pack performances

Regardless if you have a live performance flight or not. Dan's speaking engagments are what you would expect in any Key Note performance.


- Balancing the difference between good and bad risks
- Working with integrity.
- Overcoming fear and
- Good fear vs. bad fear.
- When to let go
- Persevering through life-threatening injuries


1. Introduction, Jet Pack, Paramedic.Stunt, etc.
2. Emotional story of the Training Crash that almost killed me: Burns, month in hospital, 183 inch skin graph. 
3. Determining to get back on the horse.  How I recognized good risk from bad risks and flew again.
4. First Jet Pack flight story as P.Diddy. -Funny
5. Introduction of the Three E's = evidence, experience and expertise
6. Fun interesting similarities of the three E's in the both Jet Pack and medical field.
7. Integrity in the work place.  Earning the trust of the customer, Jet Pack or Patient. -No difference!
8. Questions and answers with the audience

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